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Electric Trucks

Fully electric trucks, often referred to as commercial battery electric trucks, are reaching wider-scale consideration as truck, engine, and other component makers are developing the systems that will support such vehicles. Battery and power-electronic development has progressed to make these trucks viable in certain applications. These trucks will have many benefits (more renewable energy, simpler design, etc.), but come with challenges (need for new infrastructure, development investments, etc.).

To date, NACFE has published four Guidance Reports on a range of topics related to commercial battery electric vehicles and will continue to study developments in this rapidly changing segment of the trucking industry.

Electric Trucks

Where They Make Sense

Battery electric commercial vehicles are a growing alternative to traditional diesel, alternative fuel, and hybrid powertrains.

Medium-Duty Electric Trucks

Cost of Ownership

The medium-duty market is the most likely candidate for significant near-term adoptions of commercial battery electric vehicles.

Amping Up

Charging Infrastructure For Electric Trucks

A roadmap for fleets considering deploying electric vehicles to develop a cost-effective charging strategy.

HD Electric Tractors

Explore up and coming changes in truck powertrains.

Viable Class 7/8 Electric, Hybrid, And Alternative Fuel Tractors are part of a myriad of choices facing fleets today.

Electric Trucks

A Regional Haul Project

Research shows that regional haul is one trucking segment that makes sense for electrification, given its short-haul nature and return-to-base operation.

Fleet Electrification Primer

For Commercial Truck Electrification

Freight electrification is opening new opportunities and challenges for the freight industry and utilitiesalike.

Electric Utilities Electrification Primer

Commercial Truck Electrification

Freight electrification is opening new opportunities and challenges for both the freight industry and utilities.

High-Potential Regions for Electric Truck Deployments

Commercial Truck Electrification

Heavy-duty electric trucks are a recognized technology, capable of reducing the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Making Sense of Heavy-Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractors

HFCEVs in Commercial Freight Movement

There are many variables — dominoes that need to fall — to accurately predict the future for fuel cell vehicles. The technology is promising, and the massive level of investment is encouraging.

Charting The Course For Early Truck Electrification

Using Real-World Telematics Data to Identify Electrifiable Trucks, Inform Charging Infrastructure Investments, and Explore Emissions Reductions

Truck electrification is critical to reduce the ever-increasing emissions attributed to freight movement in the United States and Canada.