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November 2018 NACFE Newsletter

Mike Roeth, NACFE executive director, gives thanks to all the people who have supported the organization’s work and also talks about regional haul operations. […]

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October 2018 NACFE Newsletter

The October newsletter includes NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth’s reminder about the Guidance Report on medium-duty electric vehicles and an announcement about the kick off of a revised report on idle reduction solutions. […]

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Second Guidance Report: Medium-Duty Electric Trucks – Cost of Ownership

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) released its second guidance report on electric trucks, Guidance Report: Medium-Duty Electric Trucks: Cost of Ownership, an unbiased report detailing the multiple factors to consider in selecting medium-duty commercial battery electric vehicles (CBEVs), with attention to considering all of the cost/benefit factors in estimating return on investment. […]

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September 2018 NACFE Newsletter

Mike Roeth, NACFE executive director suggests that we need to continue to focus on making diesel trucks more efficient while making room for battery electric trucks. […]

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August 2018 NACFE Newsletter

The August newsletter includes Executive Director Mike Roeth’s comments on decision bias as well as highlights from the Confidence Report on Automated Transmissions, a sneak peek at the Annual Fleet Fuel Study, an update on the Guidance Report on medium-duty battery electric vehicles, and an update on where you can find NACFE staff this summer and fall. […]

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July 2018 NACFE Newsletter

The sun is shining on solar panels as well as our travels.  We look forward to meeting with you soon as we will be all over the transportation industry in the next few months (or you can join us from right where you are at via a webinar)! […]

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GreenBiz covers new NACFE Electric Truck Guidance Report

On Tuesday night, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) published a report looking at what point commercial electric vehicles reach parity with diesel-powered vehicles in terms of attributes like cost, weight and maintenance needs. The group, which worked with Rocky Mountain Institute on the research, looked at class 3 to class 8 commercial vehicles, which represent various sizes ranging from a walk-in delivery van to a school bus to a sleeper cab truck. […]

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NACFE April 2018 Newsletter

The April newsletter contains commentary from NACFE executive director update on electric vehicle Guidance Report; calendar of events; synopsis of Confidence Report on downspeeding; and NACFE’s partnership with Shell Starship. […]

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NACFE Newsletter: March, 2018

This month’s newsletter contains info on NACFE’s rebranding and expanding, and update on our Tire Pressure Systems Confidence Report, some information on the upcoming Guidance Report on Electric Vehicles, and more! […]

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NACFE Newsletter: February, 2018

We’re very excited with all of our efforts as we drive into 2018. NACFE’s expanded strategy is summed up in three workstreams; Scaling available technologies, Promoting emerging ones and Guiding future, revolutionary change. […]

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Press Release: Run on Less results

Shell, PepsiCo, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), and Carbon War Room (CWR) today announced Run on Less, a first-of-its-kind cross-country roadshow to showcase advancements in fuel efficiency. The event will take place in September 2017. […]

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