Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Emerging Technologies Move Fleets to a Cleaner Future

Trucking is on the cusp of major changes with many options that will positively impact fuel and emissions reductions and lead to a zero-emissions transportation future.

Change is occurring in trucking at a dizzying pace, and it can be difficult to sift through all the information — which often can be conflicting — about every new technology solution to find the right data that will help fleets make the best decision about which technologies to deploy in their operation.

NACFE is exploring these emerging technologies using the same approach it uses for its Confidence Reports on existing technologies. We have now developed Guidance Reports that explore these emerging technologies and how they will impact freight efficiency. The analysis and reports are used by many other groups such as manufacturers, regulators, highway planners, financial institutions, NGOs, etc. as they offer products and services supporting fleets.

To date, our work has focused on electric trucks, including hydrogen and autonomous vehicles, but we are poised to issue Guidance Reports on other technology as needed. 

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