Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Research & Analysis Are Fundamental

Research and unbiased analysis are at the core of NACFE’s work.

NACFE works to drive the adoption of technologies that enhance freight efficiency and lead to a more sustainable transportation of goods. To do that we undertake a variety of research that results in unbiased analysis of a variety of technology and practices fleets can employ to reduce their fuel consumption and begin the journey to a zero-emissions future.

Confidence Reports take a deep dive into a subject area in and answers the question of what confidence fleets and manufacturers have in a particular technology including the benefits as well as the challenges.  They assess current technologies, discuss both the benefits and challenges of the technologies and provide best practices for fleets to use in their decision making.

Guidance Reports focus on technology areas emerging in the commercial vehicle industry and show how the technology has grown, the pluses and minuses of the technology and provide recommendations on steps fleets should follow to begin understanding, planning and deploying emerging technologies in their operations.

Thought Leadership Reports typically do not relate to products, components or vehicles, but rather focus on industry issues. We use the same research process developed for our other reports and try to bring clarity about an industry issue.

Collaboration Reports can be on a wide array of areas where suppliers and industry groups have asked NACFE to work with them on a particular subject. 

Almost all reports are available in a short executive summary format as well as a full in-depth report.

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