Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends

Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends is a regular podcast series that focuses on current technologies and practices that help fleets achieve the best possible freight efficiency for their given application. It also will provide insight into emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles and their potential impact on freight efficiency.

NACFE’s Executive Director, Mike Roeth, will interview executives from the trucking industry and other parties that are interested in improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of goods movement in North America this includes currently available technologies as well as emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

If you would like to suggest a topic for this podcast, please contact Denise Rondini, NACFE’s communications director, at

Ep. 82 – Ari Kahn, manager, carbon-free transportation, RMI, talks with Mike about his views on the opportunities for zero-emission trucks, the differences in electrifying various classes of trucks, and the importance of getting the utility and transportation systems to work together. He also shares what he is most excited about when it comes to the truck electrification and what he sees as the big challenges that need to be overcome.

Ep. 81 – Dave Beasley, vice president commercial tires – North America, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, talks about his 40 years at the company including his time in blimp operations. He also talks about trucking as a relationship business, the role of retreading, why cheaper tires are not always the best choice, the importance of sustainability and why you need to continue to learn and adapt.

Ep. 80 – Ali Javidan, founder and CEO of Range Energy, talks about electrified, powered trailers, how a Venn diagram led him to trucking, the role of empathy in product development and the importance of factoring in drivers when developing a new technology. He also explains how he is applying lessons learned during his career in racing and at Tesla and Google, as well as the need to lead with humility when developing new technology.

Ep. 79 – Brady Matoian, CEO of OK Produce, talks about being on the cutting edge of reducing emissions, his lifelong concern for the environment and passion around sustainability. He provides insight into OK Produce’s move to electric vehicles, the connection between the products they deliver and the best way to deliver them. He also says that while it hasn’t been easy or cheap to operate sustainably, it has been worth it.

Ep. 78 – Ed Chipalowsky, NACFE’s vehicle service and support manager, talks about his career as both a technician and an educator of technicians. He shares his thoughts on how the biggest changes in trucking impacted technicians and why older trucks are not better than new ones. He also talks about the most important skills today’s technicians need to be successful, the urgency for training for high voltage vehicles and why technicians should be proud of their skills.

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