Emerging Technology

Trucking is on the cusp of major changes; our guidance reports explore upcoming technologies that will impact fuel economy.

Because of the importance of this research to the industry, these four reports are now available at no cost.

Electric Trucks

Where They Make Sense

A foundation for understanding the key arguments for and against this rapidly evolving powertrain alternative.

Medium-Duty Electric Trucks

Cost of Ownership

The medium-duty market is a likely candidate for the significant, near-term adoption of battery electric technology.

Charging Infrastructure

For Electric Trucks

There is no one-size fits all solution to charging, but there is a roadmap fleets can follow to ensure they have a cost-effective charging strategy in place.

Viable Class 7/8 Electric, Hybrid, and Alternative Fuel Tractors

This report provide unbiased information on the current progress, trade-offs, and key considerations for fleets evaluating alternatives to traditional diesel powertrains.

Trucking is on the cusp of major changes with technological developments occurring at a dizzying pace.  It can be difficult to sift through all the information — which often can be conflicting — to find the right data that will help fleets make the best decision about which technologies to deploy.

Several years ago, NACFE began exploring these emerging technologies using the same approach it uses for its Confidence Reports on existing technologies.

We have now developed Guidance Reports that explore these emerging technologies and how they will impact freight efficiency.

To date, our work has focused on electric trucks and autonomous vehicles, but we are poised to issue Guidance Reports on other technology as needed.