A joint effort between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI, Run on Less is a best-of-the-best, cross-country roadshow that showcases advancements in freight efficiency. The goal of the Run is to highlight the best possible current use of the efficiency technologies, operational practices, and driver capabilities to show what the most innovative fleets can accomplish in the real world in terms of fuel economy and freight efficiency. Run on Less showcases how efficiency technologies improve the bottom line for fleets and benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI will be conducting Run on Less – Electric (RoL-E), an electric truck technology demonstration in 2021. Commencing in September of 2021, the three-week roadshow will showcase electric trucks in everyday operation.

Run on Less – Electric will feature 10 dedicated trucks and drivers across the United States and Canada, supported by their fleets and truck OEM partners. Vehicles from vans, to medium-duty box trucks to heavy-duty tractors will be moving freight in different duty cycles and geographic and climate areas.

We are now accepting applications for participants; if you are interested please contact Mike Roeth, NACFE Executive Director, at mike.roeth@nacfe.org, or Dave Schaller, NACFE Industry Engagement Director, at david.schaller@nacfe.org. Or you can use this form to provide us information for your application.

Along with the Run, NACFE and RMI will be conducting a series of educational events about battery electric trucks beginning in May. Registration for those sessions will open in April.

Read about the opportunity to be involved in Run on Less – Electric here.

Run on Less 2017 highlighted how drivers and fleets deliver high efficiency in the movement of goods in the long-haul segment of the trucking industry, while Run on Less Regional focused on regional haul applications.

During the Run, fuel economy is measured using three main metrics: gallons, dollars and CO2 saved. MPG and freight ton efficiency are only shown in daily and accumulated averages for all trucks. A goal of Run on Less is to highlight the effectiveness of the many different technologies, not to identify any specific ‘winning” combination.

To portray the conditions drivers and their equipment are facing, in addition to MPG some of the factors that are likely to affect fuel economy including the payload hauled, total elevation change, average vehicle speed, and other items are reported on.

To learn more, visit www.runonless.com.

Run on Less 2017 & 2019

Run on Less - 2017 & 2019

Each Run highlights a specific trucking segment and details how these drivers and fleets deliver high efficiency

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