Report Library

NACFE works to drive the development and adoption of efficiency enhancing, environmentally beneficial, and cost-effective technologies, services, and methodologies in the North American freight industry. Our reports deliver unbiased analysis on currently available fuel-saving technologies and practices and help guide future change in trucking.

We publish a variety of different report types to support the needs of truck fleets and dealerships.  Confidence Reports are designed to deep dive into a subject area and present the results seen by fleets including the benefits as well as the challenges.  Guidance Reports focus on new technology areas emerging into commercial vehicle transportation to show the technology growth as well as adoption hurdles.  Collaboration reports can be on a wide array of areas where suppliers and industry groups have asked NACFE to work with them on a particular subject.  Almost all reports are available in a short executive summary format as well as a full in depth report.

Confidence Reports

Publicly-available Confidence Reports that assess current technologies, discuss challenges and best practices for their adoption.

Guidance Reports

Trucking is on the cusp of major changes; our guidance reports explore upcoming technologies that will impact fuel economy.

Run on Less Reports

Run on Less is a best-of-the-best, cross-country roadshow that showcases advancements in freight efficiency.

Determining Efficiency

Fleets can analyze and compare the range of options to determine which offer the fastest payback.

Collaboration Reports

We can help execute, monitor and validate fuel efficiency results and help you conduct confidential market research.

Regional Haul

An in-depth report on the movement of goods in regional haul in which drivers return home on some predictable basis.

Intentional Pairing

This report focuses on evaluating the potential viability of intentionally pairing tractors and trailers by model in freight system management based on performance factors to achieve improved fleet fuel efficiency.

Defining Production

This report provides insights on defining the term production to help demystify it for industry, fleets, regulators, the public, and researchers. A core factor differentiating how the term is used relates to levels of risk acceptance.