Confidence Reports

NACFE’s Fleet Fuel Studies provide useful insights into adoption trends in the industry, as well as into the specific practices of different major fleets. NACFE hopes that this information could alone spur additional investment, particularly by fleets that may be lagging behind the overall industry when it comes to certain widely-adopted technologies. However, in the course of conducting the studies, it became clear that some technologies are still only being adopted by the most progressive or innovative of fleets in spite of their showing strong potential for achieving cost-effective gains in fuel efficiency. In order to facilitate the wider industry’s trust in and adoption of such technologies, NACFE and CWR formed Trucking Efficiency and began this series of reports, called “Confidence Reports,” which will take an in-depth look at those most-promising but least-adopted technologies one-by-one.
Confidence Reports provide a concise introduction to a promising category of fuel efficiency technologies, covering key details of their applications, benefits, and variables. The reports are produced via a data mining process that both combs public information and collects otherwise-private information (which is shared with Trucking Efficiency for the purpose of the reports), in order to centralize an unparalleled range of testing data and case studies on a given technology set. These reports are the kingpin of the Technology Guide at

Annual Fleet Fuel Study

      -The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (“NACFE”) has built on what has been called the “The most comprehensive study of Class 8 fuel efficiency adoption ever conducted”. The Council added 2011 and 2012, to the eight years of data included in the prior project and Bison Transport and UPS joined. Fleets reported technology adoption delivering $5,700 per year per truck in fuel savings.

2015 Fleet Fuel Study Report

2015 Excutive Summary 050115

2015 Fleet Fuel Data Sheets

2014 Fleet Fuel Benchmark Report

2013 Fleet Fuel Benchmark Executive Summary

2013 Fleet Fuel Benchmark Report

Testing Reports

November 2013, NACFE was engaged to help plan, execute and validate a fuel efficiency test of a platooning technology under development by Peloton Technology. The report below details a 10% fuel consumption reduction for the trailing tractor trailer and 4.5% for the lead combination, when electronically connected at 36 feet separation and 64 mph. A modified SAE J1321 test protocol was used in cooperation with CR England on Interstate 80 west of Salt Lake City.

CR England Peloton Technology Platooning Test

During the summer of 2011, NACFE helped execute and monitor a 5,000 mile fuel economy test for various tire configurations for Michelin NA. This test was conducted as a high mileage confirmation of the improvement in fuel efficiency of various tires in doubles trailer operation.

Michelin 5000 mile fuel challenge

Michelin Test

Other Reports

Uptake and costs of NA trailer fuel efficiency technologies

-NACFE again has collaborated with ICCT to interview the industry on fuel efficiency technologies. This report shares learnings from such an effort on technologies available to fleets for improving the fuel efficiency of NA 53 foot trailers. Items included were tires, tire pressure systems, gap reducers, underbelly devices, skirts and trailer tails. The full report can be downloaded here.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Market Barriers

NACFE is proud to announce that the Market Barriers to Technologies for fuel economy sponsored by the ICCT, is now published. It has been a pleasure working with fleets, owner operators, truck and trailer builders, manufacturers and others on this significant study. Contact us at with questions or comments.

Market Barriers