Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends

Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends is a regular podcast series that focuses on current technologies and practices that help fleets achieve the best possible freight efficiency for their given application. It also will provide insight into emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles and their potential impact on freight efficiency.

NACFE’s Executive Director, Mike Roeth, will interview executives from the trucking industry and other parties that are interested in improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of goods movement in North America this includes currently available technologies as well as emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

If you would like to suggest a topic for this podcast, please contact Denise Rondini, NACFE’s communications director, at

Ep. 26 – Muffi Ghadiali, Co-founder and CEO of Electriphi, talks about the difference between the charging needs of automobiles and commercial vehicles, the need for fleets and utilities to work together on charging solutions, fleets’ need for an electric charging playbook, the factors that have to be considered for charging electric vehicles, the role of managed charging and the importance of planning for charging before investing in electric trucks.

Ep. 25 – Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, RMI, talks about the realities of climate changes, explains the meaning of 1.5 degrees, RMI’s shift in its strategic focus on the next 10 years, and the importance of the balance between policy decisions and the realities of the marketplace. He also encourages the trucking industry to lean in and place early bets on some of the emerging technologies that will lead to a cleaner future.

Ep. 24 – Michael Berube, acting deputy assistant secretary for sustainable transportation at the US Department of Energy, talks about his role at DOE, the primary work of the agency, the agency’s goal for decarbonizing transportation, the SuperTruck programs, annual Merit Reviews of DOE funded projects, the importance of teams in getting new technology to market and the key elements needed to scale battery electric trucks.

Ep. 23 – Paul Stith, director of global transportation initiatives at Black & Veatch, explains the company’s role in vehicle electrification, his experience with EVs, where we are with EV infrastructure development, the need for cooperation among a variety of parties, lessons learned from transit charging, and why fleets need to get involved with EVs now.

Ep. 22 – Denise Rondini, NACFE’s Communications Director and President of Rondini Communications, talks with Mike about the importance of clear, direct communication, the best way to tell your company’s story, why businesses need to control their own narratives, and offers comments on how the trucking industry is doing in its diversity efforts and the handling of disruptive technologies in the industry.

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