Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends

Freight Efficiency With NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends is a regular podcast series that focuses on current technologies and practices that help fleets achieve the best possible freight efficiency for their given application. It also will provide insight into emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles and their potential impact on freight efficiency.

NACFE’s Executive Director, Mike Roeth, will interview executives from the trucking industry and other parties that are interested in improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of goods movement in North America this includes currently available technologies as well as emerging technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

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Ep. 18 – Ellen Voie, founder, president and CEO of Women in Trucking, talks about her career, what sparked the idea for Women in Trucking, her passion for bringing more women into the industry, and how the industry has changed in terms of the value it places on diversity and inclusion. She also shares thoughts on the difference between being for women and being about women. 

Ep. 17 – Rustam Kocher, charging infrastructure lead for the e-mobility group at Daimler Trucks North America, talks about the speed of the transition to electric trucks, DTNA’s e-mobility projects, why fleets are looking at EVs, the importance of charging infrastructure and charging management, and his passion for electric vehicles. He also offers advice to fleets about making the move to EVs.

Ep. 16 – Jack Roberts, senior trucking editor and freight futurist, talks about the technological changes he has seen in trucking over the years but focuses on the development of autonomous trucking and how it can address some of the core inefficiencies in the trucking industry. He also gives advice to fleets on how to handle innovation.

Ep. 15 – Kyle Treadway, Kenworth Sales Company’s dealer principal, shares his thoughts on dealers’ role in technology integration and product development, the challenge of new technology, the technician shortage, his own dealership’s growth and he also comments on natural gas, electric and autonomous trucks.

Ep. 14 – Clark Reed, professional driver with Nussbaum Transportation, talks about his career in trucking, hours of service, his experience in Run on Less, what he does prior to starting each day’s route, what he has achieved in his existing truck and how he plans to move into his new truck, and his involvement with Team Run Smart. He also offers advice to other truckers and drivers about making the roads safer for everyone.

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Freight Efficiency with NACFE’s Mike Roeth & Friends