The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is dedicated to doubling the efficiency of North American goods movement. We pursue this goal in two ways: By improving the quality of the information flow and by highlighting successful adoption of technologies.

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Our Technology Guide

Our Technology Guide, Click Here

In order to facilitate the wider industry’s trust in and adoption of technologies, NACFE and CWR formed Trucking Efficiency and began a series of reports, called “Confidence Reports,” which will take an in-depth look at technologies one-by-one. Confidence Reports provide a concise introduction to a promising category of fuel efficiency technologies, covering key details of their applications, benefits, and variables. The reports are produced via a data mining process that both combs public information and collects otherwise-private information (which is shared with Trucking Efficiency for the purpose of the reports), in order to centralize an unparalleled range of testing data and case studies on a given technology set. These reports are the kingpin of the Technology Guide at truckingefficiency.org.


Mike shares some thoughts on the Future of Trucking. Watch here.

Join us for our next workshop in Indianapolis and view wind tunnel testing of aerodynamic devices on Class 8 trucks at ARC Indy.  Be with key leaders such as Owner Operator Henry Albert, Jack Roberts of CCJ, Sam Waltzer, EPA SmartWay, Jim Sharkey of PSI, Nussbaum and other key fleets, Wabash and other aerodynamics suppliers, ARC Indy, as well as the Trucking Efficiency team from NACFE and the CWR.  It will be a great day well spent in your journey to lowering fuel costs and learning more about GHG regulations.

Help us help you lower fuel costs and manage Greenhouse Gas Regulations. See here on how.

NACFE is proud to announce the leaders for our Aerodynamic Confidence Reports on Tractor and Trailer Aerodynamics

Join us in Indianapolis for our next Trucking Efficiency Workshop on December 9th, at ARC Indy. Aerodynamics evaluations will be conducted at ARC’s wind tunnel during our event, come witness and join us. Details to be posted to www.truckingefficiency.org/events soon.

Another Confidence Report released on Tuesday August 25th on Lightweighting

Trucking Efficiency latest confidence report on low rolling resistance tires

TU – Automotive & NACFE 2015 Wednesday, Nov. 16-17, 2015 Atlanta

We now know the proposed levels of efficiency in the second round of US greenhouse gas emissions standards released on Friday, June 19th. EPA and NHSTA state a 24% fuel economy improvement by 2027 for tractor trailers, using technologies that they predict will have a two year payback. Trucking Efficiency will help the industry meet these goals with unbiased information and comprehensive analyses for total cost of ownership, as technologies emerge to meet these standards. For information on the new regulations, see here, from the EPA.