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7th Workshop on Technologies and Best Practices Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Salt Lake City

NACFE is pleased to publish the 2015 Annual Fleet Fuel Study. This study has grown to look at the adoption of 68 technologies at 14 fleets operating about 53,000 tractors and 160,000 trailers from 2003 to 2014. These fleets average mpg for their trucks is now at 7.0 and they are saving $9,000 per year per truck in fuel savings compared to if they did not purchase these products. The study team also identified three highlights given the data provided. The report, executive summary and data sheets of adoption can be downloaded at no cost.

Join us at ACT Expo We’re very excited about the ACT Expo events we will be part of the first week of May in Dallas. ACT Expo is typically thought of as the go to place for folks interested in alternative fuels and it is, but we will be there to “Make Your Fuel Go Farther”, whatever it is!  Come be a part of an exciting and educational week.

2014 Fleet Fuel Benchmark ReportFleet Fuel Study released: This is the 3rd annual report on the adoption history of fuel efficiency technologies for Class 8 over the road tractors and trailers. This year’s report covers purchasing statistics of 66 technologies over 11 years, from 11 fleets encompassing 42,000 tractors and about 150,000 trailers. You can download the report here which includes the new data as well as key best practices of adoption from the full three years of the study.

Idle Reduction Solutions– In early July, Trucking Efficiency released a very comprehensive report on 19 solutions to limit idling of Class 8 Over the Road tractors. It identified five common fleet strategies, which are various combinations of the solutions that make logical complementary groups depending on a fleet’s unique operating parameters. An Executive Summary, video of findings and the full Confidence Report can be downloaded here.

6×2 Axles– Many fleets are converting their specifications to include a 6×2 axle configuration rather than a 6×4. By having only one drive axle the truck weighs less, has better fuel economy. Traction is one of the major concerns and NACFE has found that by utilizing load shifting technology the traction issue is significantly improved. NACFE tested trucks for fuel economy and traction, the full Confidence Report package can be downloaded from the reports tab.

Tire Pressure Systems- NACFE’s first ever Confidence Report is a deep dive review of all the available technologies for ensuring appropriate tire pressure. Benefits of such systems include decreased roadside breakdowns, improved tire life and better fuel efficiency. This groundbreaking report describes the various technologies, identifies manufacturers, shares tractor and trailer OEM’s as well as fleet experiences. Finally, two tools have been developed for adoption analysis; a technology selection tool and a payback calculator the full Confidence Report package can be downloaded from the reports tab.

Peloton Platooning Test-November 2013, NACFE was engaged to help plan, execute and validate a fuel efficiency test of a platooning technology under development by Peloton Technology. The report below details a 10% fuel consumption reduction for the trailing tractor trailer and 4.5% for the lead combination, when electronically connected at 36 feet separation and 64 mph. A modified SAE J1321 test protocol was used in cooperation with CR England on Interstate 80 west of Salt Lake City the full Confidence Report package can be downloaded from the reports tab.

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We now know the proposed levels of efficiency in the second round of US greenhouse gas emissions standards released on Friday, June 19th. EPA and NHSTA state a 24% fuel economy improvement by 2027 for tractor trailers, using technologies that they predict will have a two year payback. Trucking Efficiency will help the industry meet these goals with unbiased information and comprehensive analyses for total cost of ownership, as technologies emerge to meet these standards. For information on the new regulations, see here, from the EPA.

NACFE is proud to announce the team who will deliver a Trucking Efficiency Confidence Report on the Light-weighting of HD tractors and trailers for freight efficiency.  Andrew Halonen of Mayflower Consulting, Rob Swim, retired from Navistar along with support from the NACFE and Carbon War Room teams will complete this work for publishing at the end of August, 2015. Andrew and Rob’s bios can be found  here  and a description of the project and call to action for support, here.