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Wheel Covers – Tractor

Wheel covers are inserted into the wheel of all tires to streamline the airflow around the tires and can be used on all six wheel ends of a tandem axle tractor.

A variety of manufacturers produce aerodynamic wheel covers, and small benefits can be achieved by using them as part of an overall fuel efficiency strategy. Wheel covers are made of a variety of materials including aluminum, polycarbonate, and even cloth.

The primary design challenge has been making it possible to easily remove the wheel covers so that the wheels are accessible, while maintaining strong attachment to the vehicle over the road.


Fuel Savings (If Coupled with Higher Capacity and Higher Voltage Electrical System)


Not Available for Most Vehicles as of March 2017

Increased Complexity of Electrical System

Higher Electrical System Voltage and Power Output Required

Reliability Issues

Increased Maintenance Costs

To learn more, download the Tractor Aerodynamics Confidence Report.
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