Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Vortex Generators – Tractor

Keeping the air flowing smoothly across the tractor-to-trailer started with cab extenders, sleeper extenders and most recently added sleeper top extenders to the cab.  Some drivers and fleets have used vortex generators on the back edge of the cab or extenders to further guide the air flow to the trailer.

There are several suppliers of these systems.  Some are installed individually while others come in longer strips to allow several to be installed simultaneously.


Fuel Savings (If Coupled with Higher Capacity and Higher Voltage Electrical System)


Not Available for Most Vehicles as of March 2017

Increased Complexity of Electrical System

Higher Electrical System Voltage and Power Output Required

Reliability Issues

Increased Maintenance Costs

To learn more, download the Tractor Aerodynamics Confidence Report.
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