Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Aerodynamic Mirrors & Cameras

OEMs’ flagship aerodynamic models have optimized the cab mirror systems. Aerodynamic mirrors come as an integrated set with an aerodynamic cover that lowers drag.

With well-designed mirrors, aerodynamic drag can be reduced by 2% to 3%. Considerable OEM and supplier tradeoff studies and analysis have optimized production mirror head shapes and mounting systems.

For many years, federal regulations required two rear-vision mirrors, one on each side of the truck. In 2018, Stoneridge asked for and received an exemption from FMCSA to allow trucks to operate with its MirrorEye, a camera monitor system that replaces mirrors on trucks.


Fuel Savings (If Coupled with Higher Capacity and Higher Voltage Electrical System)


Not Available for Most Vehicles as of March 2017

Increased Complexity of Electrical System

Higher Electrical System Voltage and Power Output Required

Reliability Issues

Increased Maintenance Costs

To learn more, download the Tractor Aerodynamics Confidence Report.
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