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High Efficiency Alternators

The alternator generates all the electrical energy stored and consumed on the vehicle. Today’s alternators use the engine to create electrical power both to recharge batteries as well as to power electrical loads while the engine is running.

Alternators are offered to the market in two efficiency ranges. The standard alternators generally have a maximum efficiency rating somewhere in the 55–60% range and the high-efficiency models are generally in the 68–75% range. These efficiency gains are mostly due to using conductors that allow greater fill of the windings in the alternator.

Versions that operate at higher efficiencies place less load on the engine.

It is important to note that alternators typically consume 0.5–1% of the truck’s fuel to perform their function, so any fuel economy gains from new technology will be modest.


Improved Fuel Efficiency


Limited Availability from all OEMs as of March 2017

Increased Costs

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