Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives have been developed over the last decades with the goal of lowering fuel consumption. They modify the chemistry of the fuel with the resulting benefit of improved fuel efficiency. However, the trucking industry is generally skeptical due to past products’ results.

NACFE plans to study additives (potentially including hydrogen injection) as part of a full Confidence Report.  Please contact us if you can provide real world data to help sort out the products that genuinely benefit fleet operations.

Confidence Report coming soon.


Deposit Control
Today’s fuel injectors are smaller and have tiger tolerances, fuel additives can prevent deposit formation that interfere with proper combustion.

Wear Prevention

Gelling Resistance
Diesel fuel contains wax and as temperatures drop the fuel can gel. Additives are designed to prevent this gelling from occurring.

Cold-Flow Protection


Compatibility with EGR and SCR

Quality Control

Maintaining Chemical Balance of Fuel

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