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Weigh & Toll Station Bypass

Using either an RFID transponder or an app, qualified fleets can bypass weigh station and ports of entry facilities. Bypass is based on compliance with federal and state safety requirements along with adherence to credentialing requirements. Toll bypass systems are also available to use in many states that have toll roads.


Fuel Savings
A half-gallon of fuel per bypass given the elimination of deceleration, idling and accelerating back up to highway speeds. This also reduced exhaust emissions.

Reduced Inspections
If the vehicle is not stopped in front of people that might notice something to inspect, the likelihood of an inspection and its related costs are reduced.

Time Savings
It is estimated that the average weigh station stop takes between three and five minutes.

Staying with the normal flow of traffic helps the driver avoid slow moving vehicles that may cause issues and also eliminate the need to accelerate and merge back into traffic.

Cost Savings
Time, equipment wear, fuel and inspections all add to the fleets cost.

Driver Pay
For drivers getting paid by the mile, the time lost to toll and weigh stations creates lost miles and therefore lost pay for the day.


Data Inaccuracies
May prevent a qualified fleet from bypassing.

Inability to Connect to Bypass Service Provider

Safety Ratings
If you have more inspections, it can improve your safety ratings. Bypassing weigh stations can minimize the number of inspections. Better safety ratings can increase your rates.

Introduction & Rationale

When a truck equipped with a transponder or bypass app approaches a weigh station bypass it is electronically screened based on criteria including ISS score and IFTA date is reviewed to determine if the truck needs to pull in for an inspection.

The driver will receive a green light if he or she can bypass and a read light if they have to pull in to the weight station. When a truck has to pull into the weigh station the fleet or owner-operator incurs a time, fuel, emissions and cost penalty.

According to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration there is an $8.68 savings per bypass. Toll transponders communicate with automated tolling stations to eliminate the need for a physical transaction at the toll station.

Available Systems

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