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In-Cab Behavior Notifications

The driver plays a critical role in the efficient operation of a commercial vehicle and can have a direct impact on fuel economy. Technologies are available to notify the driver of behaviors affecting fuel economy such as speed, idle time, fast accelerations, hard braking, improper cornering, and other factors.


Notification to Driver of Unsafe Behaviors
Getting a real-time notification of unsafe driver behavior allows the driver to take immediate corrective action.

Safety Notifications (Some Systems)
Some systems will notify the driver if a collision is imminent.

Notification to Fleet Owner of Driver Behavior

Opportunity to Improve Training
In-cab behavior notifications can be used to improve driver training.


Distraction for Drivers
In-cab notifications can be a source of distraction to drivers.

Driver Acceptance
Drivers may not like the “big brother” aspect of some systems.

To learn more, download the Driver Coaching Aids Tech Overview.

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