Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Smart Air Dryer

The air dryer removes moisture from the compressed air for the brakes. The majority of air systems are controlled by a governor valve—a mechanical valve that switches between two preset pressures. No consideration is given to the engine driving mode or the most efficient time to draw power from the engine to drive the compressor.

With a smart air dryer, the air pressure in the reservoirs is monitored by a pressure sensor, and in addition, the vehicle CAN bus is monitored to determine the driving state of the vehicle/engine. The system determines when the vehicle/engine is in an over-run or coasting phase and operates the compressor most efficiently during these phases. New smart air dryers assist in optimizing when to run the air compressor and purge the moisture from the air system.


Reduced Power Consumption

Air System Prognostics

Ability to Determine Air Cartridge Replacement Cycles

Better Air Compressor Utilization


Increased Cost

Increased Weight/Size

Additional Complexity

To learn more, download the Variable Engine-Driven Accessories Confidence Report.
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