Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

Lightweighting – Trailer

Emissions regulations combined with fuel economy features and driver amenities on today’s commercial vehicles have added 1,000 lbs. to the typical Class 8 truck.

Certain fleets like bulk haulers value weight savings more than other segments of the market. To understand the true benefits of reducing vehicle weight, fleets should look beyond fuel economy improvement to freight efficiency gains—the ability to use fewer trucks to carry the same amount of payload.

Fleets can save 2,000 lbs. by investing to a limited degree in lightweighting and as much as 4,000 lbs. with an aggressive investment. Lightweighting can take place in various areas of the tractor and trailer including the powertrain, axle suspensions, wheel ends, drive shaft, frame, 5th wheel, and more.

To learn more, download the Lightweighting Confidence Report.

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