Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

4×2 Tractors

NACFE recommends 4x2s for duty cycles that allow for the lower load capacity.

For  duty cycles with lower loads, a single rear axle may improve efficiency by removing one axle and lowering tire rolling resistance. Commonly called single-axle tractors, 4×2 tractors lower fuel consumption by having one less axle and one less set of tires. These modifications reduce friction and tire rolling resistance on the road surface, thereby reducing fuel use. 4×2 tractors are less costly, but are limited to routes with lighter weight freight.

We are not planning a report on 4×2 axles, but may consider them for future evaluation. For more information, contact your tractor builder.


Fuel Savings
Removing one axle also removes tires which lowers tire rolling resistance and therefor leads to fuel savings.

Lower Cost
One less axle and one less set of tires will cost fleets less money.

Less Maintenance


Possible Limitations to Trailer Use

Application Limited to Certain Lightweight Duty Cycles

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