Scaling Cleaner Freight Movement

The Case for MD Box Trucks

The Run on Less – Electric demonstration focused on the medium-duty box truck segment of the trucking industry, in addition to terminal tractors, vans and step vans and heavy-duty regional haul tractors.

The three fleet-OEM pairs in the medium-duty box truck market segment were:

How It Worked

This report’s conclusions were generated through the data collection and calculations from the three medium-duty box trucks that participated in Run on Less – Electric, interviews conducted with representatives from the participating fleets and tractor builders and input from other industry experts.

All three vehicles were instrumented with a Geotab telematics device that tracked daily range, speed profiles, state of charge, charging events, amount of regenerative braking energy recovery, weather and number of deliveries.


The study team has five key findings based on the three battery electric medium-duty box trucks that participated in RoL-E.

Lessons Learned

NACFE learned a number of lessons during the three weeks of the Run specific to medium-duty box trucks.


NACFE believes that 100% of the medium-duty box truck market segment will embrace electrification although some applications within the duty cycle will be easier to electrify than others that have more complex bodies.

When the simpler box truck portion of this market segment, about 380,000 trucks in the US and Canada, electrifies, it will result in the avoidance of 7,681,707 metric tonnes (MT) of CO2e annually. The more complex trucks in this category will also electrify as the medium-duty marketplace expands the electric coverage over the next decade. These trucks cover both freight and work truck use cases.

More details on Run on Less – Electric can be found here.
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