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Electric Trucks: A Regional Haul Report

Research has shown us that regional haul is an important segment of the trucking industry and also one that makes sense for electrification, given its short-haul nature and return-to-base operation. As a result, NACFE is embarking on a three-year project to gain a better understanding of how commercial battery electric vehicles fit into the regional haul market. This work will be done in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute to leverage their expertise and industry network in power generation and the electrical grid.

NACFE is being aided in its efforts by funding from Hewlett Foundation, a nonprofit, private charitable foundation that advances ideas and supports institutions to promote a better world; and ClimateWorks Foundation, a non-governmental organization that is committed to climate action.

Our work will include:

Following the 2019 Run On Less Regional demonstration, several organizations partnered with NACFE to analyze the data collected. National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) worked with NACFE to create a report on the applicability of electric trucks in these duty cycles:

“Battery Electric Powertrains for Class 8 Regional Haul Freight Based on NACFE Run-On-Less”

Ballard coauthored a white paper on how these duty cycles would fit into a hydrogen fuel cell truck:

Fuel Cell Electric Trucks: An analysis of hybrid vehicle specifications for regional freight transport

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