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April 20, 2024
Today I Learned – April 2024

Today I Learned – April 2024

Insights from the NACFE Team

“NACFE does most of its work in the field at industry events and learns a lot each month. Here are some things we learned recently. Contact us if you want to ask questions about where and how we learned what we share here. Voltera is working to create a multiple fleet EV charging station to serve the port of Savannah, GA.”

—    Dave Schaller, Director of Industry Engagement

“NREL and the DOE reported in an article that they found that the total cost of driving zero-emission trucks can reach parity with diesel vehicles by 2035 for all market segments.”

—   Rob Graff, Senior Technical Advisor

“The National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy energized the discussion of where to focus ZEV efforts, where ZEVs will be on the road in numbers in the early days of the transition from fossil fueled trucks.”

—    Rick Mihelic, Director of Emerging Technologies

“One truck OEM referred to California as “permitting hell” because it is so difficult to obtain timely permits for electrification.”

—    Dave Schaller, Director of Industry Engagement

“Only one or two medium-duty electric vans offer 110v or 220v power take-offs.”

—   Ari Kahn, Manager, Carbon-Free Transportation, RMI

“Metallica will use IVECO electric vehicles in their European tour through Munich, Helsinki, Warsaw, and Madrid. Gerrit Marx, IVECO’s general manager, said, “Wherever they go, we can commit together to sustainability.”

—    Pepe Gutierrez, Director for Industry Engagement in Mexico and Latin America

We added about 200 gigawatts of renewable energy in the U.S. over about a 20-year period. In order for the grid to be 100% green, we will need to add about 1 terawatt.

—   Jeff Seger, Clean Energy Consultant

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