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March 15, 2024
Today I Learned – March 2024

Today I Learned – March 2024

Insights from the NACFE Team

“NACFE does most of its work in the field at industry events and learns a lot each month. Here are some things we learned recently. Contact us if you want to ask questions about where and how we learned what we share here. Although billions of dollars have been committed to creating hydrogen hubs, expect planning these hubs to take two years, followed by three years of construction.”

— Dave Schaller, Director of Industry Engagement

“Sales of electric delivery vans from Ford, Rivian and others have been increasing. Ford’s eTransit growth has exceeded 25% and Rivian has seen 45% growth versus 2022. This segment includes Daimler’s eSprinter as well.”

— Rick Mihelic, Director of Emerging Technologies

“While we know that electric trucks can serve many use cases, there isn’t yet enough information on costs — CapEx for charging infrastructure and trucks, operations and maintenance, residual value —to get a good sense of TCO. Subsidies, tax breaks, and changing electric rate structures add to the complexity.”

— Rob Graff, Senior Technical Advisor

“AI is expected to solve major problems such as fusion, cancer, diabetes, over the next 10 to 15 years.”

— Jeff Seger, Clean Energy Consultant

“Grid readiness is a hyper-local problem. It may be better to relocate closer to a grid that is able to accept more demand for power than try to upfit your current location.”

— Kim Ehrenhaft, Design Director

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