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June 19, 2024
Today I Learned – June 2024

Today I Learned – June 2024

Insights from the NACFE Team

“Tesla expects that its production electric Semis available in late 2025 to have a tare weight of 20,000 lbs. for 300 miles and 23,000 lbs. for 500 miles.”

—    Rick Mihelic, Director of Emerging Technologies

“There are some new battery technologies to keep an eye on, including LMFP, Li-ion (high nickel and silicon), and Zinc-Air Thin Film Li-ion.”

—   Jeff Seger, Clean Energy Consultant

“Some utilities are trying new ways to get power to depots, including giving them extra power except for ~1% of the time when the grid is at maximum capacity.”

—   Ari Kahn, Manager, Carbon-Free Transportation, RMI

“Thermo King has electrified truck reefer units, and a hybrid trailer unit that uses a fully hermetic scroll compressor powered either by a diesel engine attached to a generator or shore power.”

—    Tim Dzojko, Fleet Consultant

“There appears to be more electric straight trucks moving toward production, and an increasing sophistication in integrating eTRUs into these.”

—   Rob Graff, Senior Technical Advisor

“There’s been lots of talk about renewable fuels but little discussion about how to get sufficient quantities of these fuels to make a very big dent in the CO2 output from transportation.”

—    Kevin Otto, Electrification Technical Lead

“We’re in this transformation – whether it is zero emission or alternative fuels or autonomous. We’re in it.”

—    Mike Roeth, Executive Director

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