What We Do

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), was formed after a Charette held in April 2009 at Rocky Mountain Institute, www.rmi.org . At this cross industry event, it was identified that an unbiased, comprehensive group would help the industry navigate the plethora of new energy efficiency options for the transportation industry. During 2010, the NACFE was organized, a bold group of founders became the first Board of Directors and startup funds were provided. In 2011 and 2012, the organization completed the first significant value to the industry via what has become the group’s Annual Fleet Fuel Study, a review of current available technologies for Freight Efficiency. By 2014, this study includes 14 fleets, operating 53,000 tractors and 200,000 trailers showing adoption curves for about 70 technologies for the past 12 years and their effect on fuel economy. In 2013, the NACFE began collaborating with the Carbon War Room and in 2014 delivered the Trucking Efficiency Operation and now delivers information on the technologies via Confidence Reports at www.truckingefficiency.org. The group is very active in the industry presenting and attending about 30 trucking events per year and conducts quarterly regional workshops where industry, government and association leaders convene to discuss and debate technologies for improved efficiency.

Trucks play a vital role in our lives, delivering nearly 70 percent of all goods across the country. A ubiquitous factor in providing the things we need everyday in our lives, trucks are tightly woven into the fabric of our society.

As our needs increase, so too do the miles trucks travel, the amount of oil they consume, and the demands placed on carriers. The need for greater efficiency is more important than ever, requiring business as usual to give way to advanced technology and innovative new business methods.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy activities help the Nation meet its economic, energy security, and environmental challenges, concurrently.

Patrick Davis, DOE on advancing Presidential Priorities

But in this time of economic uncertainty, few can afford to take great leaps of faith. The trucking industry needs real, trustworthy solutions.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) was created to meet this demand. It neither sells nor promotes specific technologies. By adhering to a standard of technological and political impartiality, this council seeks to ensure the safe, efficient, and profitable future of the trucking industry.

This Council, formed by the industry, will:

  • Define freight efficiency metrics in a way that is consistent with industry customers
  • Build and maintain an easy-to-access clearinghouse of information
  • Rate technologies or methods based on certified testing and results (according to context and interoperability)
  • Develop new methods and gather new information as needed
  • Evaluate and advise users on improvements about configurations and maintenance based on industry best practices
  • Educate drivers and fleets about conditions that affect efficiency
  • Predict efficiency gains for specific technology combinations