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At the NACFE Inaugural Symposium in November, the original founding members of the council presented a set of proposals detailing the plans for the Council’s structure.View them below or download them now.  Products and Services Proposal This presentation, by Don Baldwin (Michelin Tire), outlines the service offering that the Founders are proposing for the Council. Baldwin based this list on information gathered from widespread fleet interviews and a strategic gap analysis of current efficiency information in the freight industry.

Membership and Governance ProposalThis presentation, delivered by Andrew Smith (ATDynamics) and compiled by Andrew Smith, Geoff Johnson (ATDynamics), and Shauna McIntyre (Achates Power), frames the key departments within the Council. A small staff will support a broad member group. The Board of Directors will oversee operations and high-level decisions maintaining the Council’s mission and vision.
Operations and Funding ProposalThis presentation, by Mike Roeth (ROETH, LLC) and Dr. Steve Hung (CU-ICAR), defines the goals of the Council staff as well as funding targets for the initial phases of operation.
VideoDon Baldwin of Michelin Tire describes the last 6 months of work that led up to the NACFE Inaugural Symposium. A combination of industry leadership and RMI’s motivation helped drive the “birth” of this Council.
Don Baldwin details the mission and vision of the Council as defined during the NACFE Founder’s Summit in August of 2009. These guiding principles will support the Council’s work to drive innovation.
Tom Weakley of OOIDA discusses the issues that face the owner-operators of America. In order for fuel efficiency the independents to adopt any new technology or practice, it must meet their bottom line.
Gary Gaussoin of Silver Eagle Manufacturing Co. discusses what trust means to this industry and how important it will be to this Council. How can we balance the need for immediate action, with the time required to build trust?
Watch the interviews from the Transformational Trucking Charrette and see how this all began.AudioNACFE Press Call November 13, 2009NPR Interview with Hiroko KawaiDocumentsNACFE Background DocumentTransformational Trucking Research and Appendices Transformational Trucking Initiative Report